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ZIRYAB Restaurant is a place when you can eat in the midst of live cooking with a team of great chefs.

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in AL AIN city

The restaurant is located at HAZZA BIN ZAYED STADIUM COMMUNITY; the most unique outdoor shopping destination in AL AIN city. You can enjoy our great indoor ambiance or sit outdoor on terrace listening to solo musicians from all around the world.

Romantic Atmosphere

with live music

What makes ZIRYAB Restaurant so special, that it is not only a place where best food is served, but it is also where you can dine and entertain at the same time.


What are the basic elements?


ZIRYAB is the short name for Abu Al-Hasan ‘Ali ibn Nafi’; a musician and a singer, who was a great vocalist and who lived during the Al Abbasi & Amawi era. He established the first school of Music & Singing. The school offered lessons about music principals and scientific theories.
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The design is derived from ancient past along with modern architecture. You can sense many elements that is influenced by the Amawi & Al Abbasi era. The place is also decorated with many souvenirs paintings and art works originating from the ancient times.


All our menu items are selected from various areas spread out throughout the Middle East region. While each menu item is considered among the most authentic & popular dishes. Besides, you will find as part of our great menu that we included a variety of meals from the western kitchen with the main specialty being the grilled steaks and seafood.

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Ramadan Turki

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Mohamed Idrees

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Mohamed Bassam

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